Side Swipe Aluminum Can Crusher


Side Swipe Aluminum Can Crusher



Side swipe

Aluminum can crusher

The safest personal can crusher on the market!!

Custom made to crush most 12-16 oz. aluminum cans.

The Side Swipe

Aluminum Can Crusher

What makes this can crusher stand out from the other models available today?

All you need is an air compresser and a 1/4" hose adapter(Industrial Milton)

1.Semi-transparent loading chamber: allows you to safely load the can while keeping your hands away from the crushing chamber

2.automatic eject feature: automatically dispenses can when the crushing actuator retracts. Cans are crushed up to 1/6 their original size!

3.Rigid PVC back plate: heavy duty back plate with 1/4" steel backer allows you to securely mount the crusher to the wall. Mounting holes are predrilled at 16” on center.

4.removable loading and crushing chambers: loading and crushing chambers are removable in the unlikely event that a can “jams” while being crushed. (Never open chamber while unit is connected to air supply)

5.Quality, Quality, Quality: Hand made and assembled with pride. SMC brand pneumatic actuator. Sleek design and painted finish gives the unit a polished looked.

6.All units come fully assembled and include:

Side Swipe crushing unit with SMC brand actuator,

MFD 1/8” toggle switch,

Mounting back plate,

1 ½” mounting screws (X4)

Quick connect air fittings.

¼” male coupler connection

7.Easy to use: Connect to your air compressor hose and start crushing! We recommend an 80-115 PSI air compressor for optimal performance.

Completely assembled delivered to your door

visit our link at 7g   to see The Side Swipe aluminum can crusher in action.


Although this is the safest personal can crusher on the market, always use caution when using this product. Never leave the “Side Swipe” plugged into the air supply unattended. Never service the “Side Swipe” with the air supply plugged in. Never remove the Stabilizer while the air supply is plugged in. Never use the “Side Swipe” without the Stabilizer. Never put any body part in load chamber, crush chamber or ejection chamber at any time. Never attempt to crush a full or unopened can. Exercising caution when using the “Side Swipe” crusher will ensure a safe fun time for all.


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  • "This is a great invention. I have seen this can crusher in action. Crushes cans in minutes instead of hours. A great gift for any occasion."
  • "Really Cool! I've seen it in action and it is really impressive!!"